Andrew Southworth offered us one of the most insightful views on how to efficiently spend your promo budget when it comes to promoting your music online.
we share our experience with a few ideas on how to easily prepare a proper promo plan for your new release
A success story coming from a young Romanian trap artist who became viral over night. With stats, insights and other details you can learn from.
A (relatively) short explanation about the immense buzz around music NFTs'
a nice, relaxed chat about the playlisting game and about the world of music in 2022 with Romain, the curator behind the successful NOVA 2022 playlist.
Easy: you should be Adelle and you should also have a neat record deal with one of the 3 majors. Now check a few headlines we selected for keeping you…
You’re probably fed up with features, advices and tips & tricks emphasizing on how important is for your music to get placed into editorial playlists as…
The Chinese short video app proved to be the best platform for artists to becoming international stars!
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